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Unique Wedding Favors That Will Impress Your Guests

Favors are a thoughtful way to express gratitude to your guests on your wedding day. Don’t hesitate to be creative and offer a parting gift that lasts beyond its time at the reception. We have compiled a list of unique and stunning favors that will have your guests abuzz.
Potted Plants
Far superior to fresh blooms that eventually wither to expiration, potted plants offer a great keepsake. Succulents work best, with sturdy and elegant blooms that take very little gardening knowledge to keep alive. These potted plants breathe life into the reception space while offering a parting gift to your guests that continues to grow.


Seed Cards
As a creative solution to favors that never get used, cards that are embedded with seeds are the perfect favor for travelers, gardeners and green-minded guests alike. Light and practical, seed cards can easily slide into your guests’ suitcases or purses and then be planted later at the guests’ leisure. Further, the seed cards can be personalized with your wedding date, your names, a photo or your favorite quote, inspiring your guests to let love bloom.

Gift Boxes

Glossy gift boxes with an embellished top present a classic Tiffany’s take on presentation that will have your guests wowing. Dress up the boxes with personalized gift tags or shiny ribbons, and place truffles, cookies or some other sweet treats inside. Use a bigger, triangular box to give your guests a slice of wedding cake to take home as a delicious parting gift. If you’re opting for a candy buffet for dessert in lieu of or in addition to cake, give your guests a beautifully decorated bag or box to take their goodies home in.


Ingredients of Love
Pay homage to a lost loved one’s recipe or introduce your guests to a family favorite with the ingredients of your favorite banana bread or sugar cookies. Using old-fashioned mason jars, layer the dry ingredients in a pretty pattern of varying colors. Tie a ribbon or jute rope around the lid with an attractive tag that lists the remaining ingredients and the recipe. For an added touch, include a mini-tin for your guests to bake the ingredients in.

Topiary Place-Card Holders
Place-card holders are a lovely way to dress up a reception, but miniature topiaries offer a stately touch to the table. Enchanting guests with the freshness of nature, most place-card topiaries come with a card clip tucked discreetly in the foliage. A charming favor to take home, the tiny tree can be displayed on a guest’s desk to hold photos or postcards or in the kitchen or bathroom for an elegant effect.

Mini-Lantern Tealight Holder
An evening outdoor reception can be set aglow with the ambiance of candlelight. With windproof miniature lanterns, the tealight holders can be hung from branches, grouped in different levels on the reception tables and staircases, or gathered for a dramatic centerpiece. Illuminating your special evening with candlelight adds a romantic and stylish setting as well as allows your guests to take a lantern home for dark nights.

Napkin Rings
As a practical and tasteful favor, stylish napkin rings can be embossed and polished with the words or finish of your choice. Have them personalized with traditional advice of “Live, Laugh, Love” or “Eat, Drink and Be Merry,” a heartfelt line from your vows, or your own words of wisdom. The tone of the reception will be graciously set, and guests will enjoy the rings on their own tables.

A Chance to Win Big
Giving out scratch lottery tickets is a fun favor that your guests will be more than happy to open. Affix a lucky penny to each ticket so that people can start scratching right away. Place the tickets in envelopes and guests can grab theirs on the way out the door, or attach them to a tree or large plant with decorative ribbon or a pretty string.  

Hannah Goodman
By Hannah Goodman 03/24/2012 15:22:00