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8 Must-Haves For Your Hot Weather Wedding

Exchanging vows in the hot, hot heat of summer can turn your wedding day into a sweaty mess! Here's eight reliable ways to keep you and your guests cool at an outdoor celebration. 

1. Program Fans


Photos by Limefish Studio and Richard Ellis Photography

Make your programs multi-purpose by turning them into fans. Your guests will be especially thankful if there's no natural breeze on your wedding day. 

2. Ice, Ice Baby

drinks cold

Photos by (from left to right): Whiteloft Studio and Cuppa Photography

Keep beverages submerged in a chilled container so that they're extra cold when guests grab one. There's no better way to quench your thirst than with an ice-cold beer, right?

3. A Shady Spot 


Photo by Onelove Photography

If your reception is right under the sun, consider setting up a lounge in a more shady area. That way you and your guests can cool off while still enjoying the weather. (PS—you can see more stylish reception lounges right here.) 

4.  Pretty Parasols


Photo by Brooke Beasley Photography

Help guests avoid a nasty sunburn and enjoy permanent shade with parasols for the ceremony and reception.

5. Dancing Shoes 

flip flops

Photo by Mike B Photography

Chances are with the humidity, guests are going to be dying to take their shoes off (no matter how adorable they are). Troubleshoot by providing flip-flops for guests to dance in. 

6. Frozen Treats

frozen treats

Photos by (from left to right): Tara Welch Photography and Laurelyn Savannah Photography

Cake is delicious, but during a heat wave there's nothing like a snow cone or ice cream to cool you off. Consider these alternatives for a sweet treat at your reception. 

7.  Drink Up

drink station

Photo by Katelyn James Photography

Set up a drink station at the reception with various options so guests can help themselves to a glass (or three) whenever they please. 

8. Under an Umbrella


Photo by Geoff White Photographers

Provide sun umbrellas for your guest at the outdoor ceremony, especially if it's on the longer side.


Hannah Goodman
By Hannah Goodman 08/10/2017 18:51:00