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Wedding Chair Styles: A Guide

When selecting your wedding chairs, it's important to consider the setting, theme and style of your ceremony and reception. Here's a breakdown of some of the most popular wedding chair styles to help you choose which option is best for you.

Chiavari Chairs

Photos (from left): KT Merry, Heather Kincaid

The Chiavari is a popular choice for weddings of all styles. This classic, elegant option comes a wide variety of colors, from neutrals like white, black, brown, tan, silver and gold to bolder hues like bright yellow, neon blue and hot pink - and just about everything in between. There are even translucent styles available! This versatile option can be dressed up or down and works well in various settings. So whether you're planning a formal ballroom reception or an outdoor garden party, the Chiavari is a great bet.

Bistro Chairs

Photos (from left): Merryl Brown Events, onelove Photography

Inspired by Thonet's iconic bentwood chairs, this classic cafe style is chic, sophisticated and relaxed at the same time. We especially love the look of bistro chairs in a an outdoor setting like a vineyard or a garden, or in a raw, open space like a barn or a loft.

Wrought Iron Chairs

Photos (from left): Matt Edge, Meg Perotti

Rustic meets shabby-chic with these decorative wrought-iron chairs. Their slightly weathered, antique style will make guests feel like they're dining al fresco in the French countryside. These chairs add a perfectly romantic touch to a vineyard or garden wedding.

French Slotted Chairs

Photos (from left): Jose VillaCarlie Statsky

A slightly more casual, modern version of the aforementioned wrought-iron chair, the French slotted chair is ideal for an garden wedding. It comes in a variety of colors and cushion options, making it a fun, versatile seating option. 

Rattan Chairs

Photos: onelove Photography

These rattan bamboo chairs are decorative pieces within themselves! They look wonderful paired with neutral linens and are an especially festive choice for a beach wedding.

Cafe Vienna Chairs

Photos (from left): Alixann Loosle, Joielala Photographie

A great option for a backyard reception or a wedding with a large guest list, this molded plastic chair is lightweight and simple without sacrificing elegance and style.  

Folding Chairs

Photos (from left): Jodi Miller, Le Festin Events

Wooden folding chairs in neutral brown or white are classic, durable and perfect for quick, easy setup and take down. 

Cross-Back Chairs

Photos (from left): Jose Villa, Taylor Lord

This elegant farmouse style chair is a perfect way to bring a classic, formal feel to a rustic wedding scheme.

Metal Cafe Chairs

Photos (from left): Ooh! Events, Coco Tran

These Tolix-inspired, industrial-chic steel cafe chairs are perfect for putting a fun, unique spin on your wedding decor. We love them paired with glass and unfinished wood, as shown above, for a dynamic, eclectic look.

Lacquer Chairs

Photos (from left): Caroline Tran, Jose Villa

With their geometric patterns and high-gloss finishes, these Hollywood Regency inspired designs make a serious statement. A great choice for the high-style, modern glam bride.

Chameleon Chairs

Photos: Joielala Photographie

True to its name, the Chameleon chair is known for its versatility. While the chair frame itself comes in silver and gold, it's made to be outfitted with paddings, back covers and overlays, all of which come in an endless varity of colors, patterns, fabrics and textures. Dress it up to match your wedding style or keep it uncovered for a contemporary-glam look, as shown above. 

Ghost Chairs

Photos (from left): KT Merry, Jose Villa

An increasingly popular seating choice, the acrylic "ghost" chair epitomizes modern glamour. In addition to clear, this trendy, super chic style can also be found in translucent tints like gray and pink.

Upholstered Chairs

Photos (from left): Jose Villa, KT Merry

While it may not be practical to outfit the entire reception in this style, consider mixing in Baroque style chairs (think tufted linens and velvets and ornate French-style frames) for an elegant, opulent feel. This style works especially well with vintage or shabby-chic wedding decor schemes.

Versailles Chairs

Photos (from left): Lisa Lefkowitz, Beaux Arts Photographie

This elegant banquet-style chair is a great option for a classic, formal wedding. Available in neutrals and metallics, it goes well with linens of all patterns, colors and textures and is a popular alternative to the Chiavari chair.


Hannah Goodman
By Hannah Goodman 08/10/2017 11:17:00