1. Serving Soup is a Sensitive Subject

Soup, while it's delicious, comforting, and sometimes even nostalgic, can be a difficult dish to serve at the reception. The timing of soup being served must be pretty much on the dot if you want guests to receive a nice hot bowl. And, if it's a formal event with lots of people – imagine several waiters trying to deliver soup while maneuvering around a hundred friends and family... just cross your fingers for no spills!

2. Two isn't Always Better Than One

A friend of mine just got back from a wedding and said that they served fish and beef on the same plate! She wasn't the only one at the reception that was confused when the plate came down in front of her. It may seem like a good idea to have a sampler plate, but many guests won't enjoy two types of meals right up against each other. Sharing fish sauce with beef juice? No thanks!

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3. Keep it Simple

To go along with our one-meal-at-a-time theory, keeping it simple will not only keep your stress levels low, but guests will appreciate it too! In this case, know your guests! Unless you know that your wedding attendees are gourmet food connoisseurs, they may not know what to do with complicated foods with unknown ingredients. A dish that includes a meat, vegetable, and starch may seem boring – but it can be jazzed up with some delicious flavors! Getting a little creative, many brides have cut prices by serving up gourmet twists on their favorite meals like mac n' cheese, pizza, or burgers!

4. Heavy Vs. Light

While a big, heavy meal with lots of rich foods and strong flavors might keep your guests full for the night, a filling meal can also weigh them down. Many people will “eat just because the food is in front of them”, and in this case it may not be a good thing. Over-stuffing your guests means they get tired faster and there is a huge chance you will be stuck with lots of leftovers! A lighter meal with more options/courses may be a better way to keep your guests energized (healthy foods will keep stomachs happy and feet dancing!). Remember, most people won't “feel” like they are full until 10 minutes later, so a lighter meal may actually be the perfect amount!

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5. Strong Start, Memorable Finish

After the wedding ceremony, you may as well have a few hundred hungry vultures on your hand. Well, maybe it's not that bad, but surely your guests will be hungry and thirsty! Be prepared to serve appetizers and drinks right away. Depending on when the main course comes, appetizers should be filling enough to keep everyone happy for at least a little while. Not to mention, if guests start drinking with very little food in their stomachs... well... you know how that goes. Anyway, on to the strong finish, which is the gorgeous sweet table, wedding cake, or pastries that you have spent much time and money on for your special day! If guests fill up too much during the main course, there will be no room for cake! If you put as much importance on that wedding cake as you did your wedding dress, make sure to keep it memorable. A cake not eaten is just eye-candy, so let guests see your cake and eat it too!



By Hannah Goodman 02/08/2017 13:56:00

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