On Monday, Elizabeth Woodson of Elizabeth W. Gift Baskets and Shindig 411 showed you how to make these yummy spice rubs. Today, she has two great ways to package them for your guests.

Plain wooden boxes (find at your local craft store)
Paint or stain
Snapshots of the two of you
Shredded paper
Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice spice rubs
Silk roses, fake jewels, wooden letters and any other decorations you'd like
Hot glue and a hot glue gun

Step 1: Paint or stain the boxes whatever color you'd like. For the tuxedo boxes on the left, we covered long, skinny black boxes inside and out with black paint. For the monogram boxes on the right, we chose frame-topped boxes from Michaels and stained them with colors that match the wedding theme.

Step 2: Top the boxes with your photos. We like the look of an old-fashioned black-and-white photo strip for the black boxes on the left. You can use copies of an actual photobooth strip, or just arrange individual photos in a strip pattern. If you're able to find boxes topped with frames, like the one on the left, you can simply slide the snapshots in. Otherwise, use glue to attach the photos.

Step 3: Pour the spice rubs into jars, add labels ("Sugar & Spice" and "Everything Nice") and put one of each into the box on top of a few handfuls of shredded paper.

Step 4: On the notecards, use whatever language you'd like to thank guests for attending your wedding and give instructions for using the spices. (The basics: Dredge meat in the spices and let rest for at least one hour and up to two days before grilling. Use about one tablespoon per pound of meat. Sugar & Spice is sweet-spicy and good for fish and poultry. Everything Nice is curry-based and works well with chicken, beef or pork.) Add the notecards to the boxes.

Step 5: Tie coordinating ribbon around the boxes, and use hot glue to attach whatever decoration you'd like.

By Hannah Goodman 12/27/2016 19:21:00

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