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Just tried a macaron the other day for the first time and if you haven't had one yet... it's worth going out just to experience the light, sweet taste and the unique texture.

Two soft meringue cookies sandwich the fluffy cream center and they come in every flavor and color imaginable! Maybe this is why the bite-sized French confectioneries make the perfect wedding treat that everyone is going crazy over!

Include Them At Your Wedding


Photo of Rose Macarons by lj42

Hand them out as favors for your guests at the wedding reception, bridal shower, or bachelorette party. Just put a few in a favor box or bag, tie it with a ribbon, and they will be ready to present. Then invite us to the party - Yum!

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Macaron Pops! A DIY project: Learn how to make these lollipops (here).



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DIY Macaron Tower: Buy a foam cone base at a local craft store and kabob sticks from a grocery store. Stick the kabob sticks down into the cone at an angle. Evenly space them so there is enough room in between each to fit the cookies. Stick a cookie onto a stick and cover the entire cone with macarons to complete your tower. Then get ready to serve at the dessert table - your guests will surely be impressed!



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And then there's this: The ultimate Macaron Cake. Of course this one is from a gourmet bakery in Paris, but we can make our own versions, right? It's only slightly bigger than the average macaron, but add some fresh berries and extra cream to create a unique and declious treat!



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Favorite macaron flavor so far? Raspberry! What's yours? - wedding macaron tower - wedding macaron tower
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Mallory Owens Mallory Owens
Mallory Owens Mallory Owens
Mallory Owens Mallory Owens

There are a hug variety of flavours of macarons available, so why not look at coordinating the flavour of your cupcakes with your menu options.

I hope you enjoy the wedding macaron towers yummy gallery.





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