Hannah Goodman
By Hannah Goodman Published 01/01/2017 12:25:00 | Views: 657
Real Wedding Inspiration: Paper Cones

We're crazy about these playful paper cones, spotted at Karen and Joey's outdoor wedding on TheKnot.com. They do double duty as chair decor and containers for biodegradable confetti to be thrown at the bride and groom as they leave the ceremony. Here's how to make your own:

First, pick out some paper that coordinates with your wedding theme and colors. (Try Paper Studio -- the "search by color" option makes it easy to browse hundreds of options.)

Then, download this paper cone template from The Spotted Sparrow. (There are a few different basic patterns for paper cones, but we think this one is easiest to use and results in the best final shape.) After saving the image to your computer, adjust the size until you have something that works with your paper dimensions and creates a cone you like. This part takes a little guesswork. Once you're satisfied with the size, print out the pattern and trace it onto a thicker piece of cardstock or cardboard, which you'll then cut out and use as a stencil for all your cones.

Now, time to roll the cones! Put glue or double-sided tape on the back of one of the straight edges, then roll the other edge inward to create a cone shape. Cut any excess paper off the top to make the opening even. Finally, punch a hole on each side and thread a pretty string or ribbon through. (You'll use this to hang the cones from the ceremony chairs.)

The last step is filling your cones. If you're looking for something a little more eco-friendly than rice, try birdseed, lavender, flower petals or this pretty biodegradable confetti from ecoparti. Just remember -- whatever you fill them with will be tossed on you pretty soon!

Hannah Goodman
By Hannah Goodman 01/01/2017 12:25:00