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Somali Wedding

A traditional Somali wedding consist of various ceremonies and can last up to 7 days. On a Somali wedding day, a traditional cuisine of rice and meat is served only to the men of the two families and their friends. During this dinner ceremony, the couple make a formal Islamic wedding agreement. Later in the […]

All About Calligraphy

Calligraphy is an expression of one’s heart, head and hands. Its two Greek roots define the word: kalli and graphia meaning “beautiful writing.” Most often associated with writing done by scribes during the Renaissance, the allure of calligraphy lives on embedded in the rich traditions of special events.  Calligraphy establishes a formal tone of honor and elegance, making it […]

Proposing the Second Time Around

Let’s face it: Planning your proposal to the person you love can be a bit nerve-racking and confusing. There are so many questions: Where should you do it? What should you say? And if you’ve proposed once before, you’ll most likely have a few more questions to add to the list. Oftentimes the hardest part […]

Wedding Dress Bustle Types

Wedding Dress Bustle Types 1) First of all, what is a bustle?A bustle is the name simply given to the “gathering up” of the train to shorten it so that the bride will not be dragging it along the floor, grass or pavement. 2) What are the different styles of bustling?There are two basic styles: […]