Author: Zoe Robertson

Somali Wedding

A traditional Somali wedding consist of various ceremonies and can last up to 7 days. On a Somali wedding day, a traditional cuisine of rice and meat is served only to the men of the two families and their friends. During this dinner ceremony, the couple make a formal Islamic wedding agreement. Later in the […]

All About Calligraphy

Calligraphy is an expression of one’s heart, head and hands. Its two Greek roots define the word: kalli and graphia meaning “beautiful writing.” Most often associated with writing done by scribes during the Renaissance, the allure of calligraphy lives on embedded in the rich traditions of special events.  Calligraphy establishes a formal tone of honor and elegance, making it […]

Write for us

Write For Us Have an experience you would like to share? Advice and tips? Review on a wedding vendor? Do you own a business in the wedding industry? We would love to hear about it and share it! Please note that once you submit your article, we will review within 5 working days. Why write for Wedding Newsday? Benefits: […]

Mason Jars Wedding Ideas

Are you planning to incorporate Mason Jars in your wedding? Weddingnewsday has tons of inspiring photos showcasing the best Mason Jars wedding ideas and decors. mason jar floral arrangements Table Centerpiece Rustic Wedding Decor Mason Jar Oil Lamps Woodland Wedding Awesome idea to use shepard hooks to hang mason jars with floral arrangements for the […]

Redneck Wedding Ideas

Are you planning to have a Redneck Wedding? Weddingnewsday has tons of inspiring Redneck Wedding photos showcasing the best Redneck Wedding Ideas and decors. Redneck wedding cake Redneck Wedding Ideas Redneck Wedding Cake Redneck Wedding Bouquet Redneck wine glass-wedding Centerpiece Redneck wedding sign Classy redneck wedding cake Redneck Wedding Cake Redneck Wedding Cake Redneck Wedding […]